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Name Phone Mobile Job Description
Olsen, Morten Graugaard Assistant professor Technological Change, Income Inequality, Economic Growth, Automation
Boserup, Simon Halphen 35323258 Assistant professor Public Finance; Inequality; Taxation; Tax Evasion; Intergenerational Mobility
Foged, Mette 35323582 Assistant professor Labour economics; household economics; economics of migration and integration; applied microeconometrics
Wingender, Asger Mose 35321605 Assistant professor Economic Growth; Human Capital and Education; Political Institutions; Structural Transformation; Economic History
Klemp, Marc Patrick Brag 35336950 Assistant professor Economic Growth and Population Studies
Bjerre-Nielsen, Andreas 35324417 Assistant professor Social Networks; Economics of Education; Human Mobility; Data Science & Game Theory
Jørgensen, Thomas Høgholm 35323994 Assistant professor Life Cycle Models; Structual Estimation; Household Behavior; Fertility; Consumption-Saving
Kruse-Andersen, Peter Kjær 35334792 Assistant professor Environmental economics, economic Growth, macroeconomics, directed technical change, EU emissions trading system (EU ETS)
Sunder-Plassmann, Laura 35336944 Assistant professor International Macroeconomics; International Finance; Macroeconomics; Sovereign Debt; Sovereign Default
Møller, Therese Østergaard (external) Unknown Librarian -
Leganza, Jonathan Michael (external) Guest researcher -    
Høegh, Grane Haker (external) Unknown Part-time lecturer -    
Petersen, Kim Academic Officer -
Lawson, Lartey Godwin Academic Officer -    
Toft, Cammilla Bundgård 35331671 Academic Officer -
Lyngsaa, Ivan 35331829 Academic Officer -
Hagstrøm, Joanna Mickiewicz 35337154 Academic Officer -
Hvidegaard, Lotte Academic Officer -
Andersen, Asbjørn Goul Bjerrum (external) Unknown Visiting Researcher -    
van der Werf, Cynthia (external) Unknown Visiting Researcher -    
Ravenna, Federico (external) 35332246 Visiting Researcher -    
Mattana, Elena (external) Unknown Visiting Researcher -    
Elliot, Jonathan (external) Unknown Visiting Researcher -    
Henry, Brian (external) Unknown Visiting Researcher -    
Dashuk, Valerii (external) Unknown Visiting Researcher -    
Refsgaard, Jonas Maibom (external) Unknown Visiting Researcher -    
Christensen, Hans Bonde (external) Unknown Visiting Professor -    
Andersen, Michael Baltzer Tønne (external) -    
Gedsø-Kharazmi, Leila Eileen (external) Unknown -    
Steensen, Klavs Rasmus Stoffregen (external) Unknown 61424737 -
Mogensen, Katrine Graabæk (external) Unknown -    
Kohlhas, Alexandre Nicolaj (external) Unknown -    
Sievertsen, Hans Henrik (external) Unknown -
Gandil, Mikkel Høst (external) Unknown -
Sangill, Thomas (external) 61697766 -
Carstensen, Christian Langholz Unknown -
Marx, Julie (external) Unknown -    
Sander, Sarah (external) 35337289 Visiting Post Doc
Hansen, Anne Toft (external) Unknown -
Brenøe, Anne Ardila (external) Unknown -
Jensen, Amalie Sofie (external) 27506516 -
Sandoy, Trondur Møller (external) 28311095 -    
Bloesch, Justin (external) Unknown -    
Nigatu, Natnael Simachew (external) 35337811 -
Pedersen, Mads Gerner (external) Unknown -
Iskhakov, Fedor (external) Unknown -    
Fadlon, Itzik (external) Unknown -    
Wagner, Sander (external) Unknown -    
Hochguertel, Stefan (external) Unknown -    
Caldwell, Sydnee (external) Unknown -    
Laird, Jessica (external) Unknown -    
Nanda, Ramana (external) Unknown -    
Xiang, Chong (external) Unknown -    
Walther, Selma (external) Unknown -    
Walther, Ansgar (external) Unknown -    
Landais, Camille (external) Unknown -    
Cuadros, Cynthia Van Der Werf (external) Unknown -    
Wang, Yanyue (external) Unknown -    
Tsoutsoura, Margarita (external) -    
Wolfenzon, Daniel (external) Unknown -    
Lee, Brian (external) Unknown -    
Ager, Philipp (external) Unknown -    
Epper, Thomas (external) Unknown -    
Pierri, Nicola (external) Unknown -    
Xu, Kan (external) Unknown -    
Yan, Jiacheng (external) Unknown -    
Waldinger, Daniel (external) Unknown -    
Scur, Daniela Dillenburg (external) Unknown -    
Smid, Sina Johanna (external) Unknown -    
Cueva, Carlos (external) Unknown -    
Bakx, Pieter Leonard Hiëronymus (external) Unknown -    
Hengeveld, Ellen Margo (external) Unknown -    
Qiaoming, Li (external) Unknown -
Frattini, Tommaso (external) 00393476403845 -    
Krogh, Karsten (external) Unknown -    
Pedersen, Jonathan Wenzel (external) Unknown -    
Hendren, Nathaniel (external) Unknown -    
Ellias, Richard (external) Unknown -    
Chetty, Nadarajan (external) Unknown -    
Schertz Cohen, Emanuel Diego (external) Unknown -    
Friedman, John (external) Unknown -    
Stratton, James Patrick Stuart (external) Unknown -    
Johansen, Torben Skov Dyg (external) Unknown -    
Eckert, Fabian (external) Unknown -    
Walsh, Conor (external) Unknown -    
Choi, Jaerim (external) Unknown -    
xiao, Pengpeng (external) Unknown -    
Wei, Jiayi -
Saurer, Andreas (external) Unknown -    
Etter, Adrian (external) Unknown -    
kim, Jiyoung (external) Unknown -    
Lee, Eungik (external) Unknown -    
Flindt, Peter 35323012 51489422 Department administrator -    
Schultz, Christian 35323039 Head of Department Competition Economics; Industrial Organization; Political Economy; Information
Pehrsson-Berindei, Liana 35323031 Administrative officer Accounting - External funding.
Ceccardi, Tine Greir 35323002 Administrative officer -    
Lyhr, Julie Uldum Clerical officer -    
Firouzi, Chila Nazeya 35330531 Clerical officer -    
Jespersen, Charlotte 35323029 Bilingual Secretary -    
Gørtz, Mette 35323014 Associate professor Health Economics; Family Economics; Labour Economics; Ageing; Applied Microeconometrics
Milhøj, Anders 35323265 Associate professor, research and development Theoretical Statistics; Applied Statistics; Sampling Theory; Time Series Analysis; SAS Software
le Maire, Daniel 35323063 Associate professor Labor Economics; Search Theory; Applied Microeconometrics
Bentzen, Jeanet Sinding 35324400 28252615 Associate professor Empirical Research on: Economic Development over the Long Run; Causes and Consequences of Religion; Institutions and Prosperity; Long Term Causes of Geography
Andersen, Asger Lau 35333133 Associate professor Household Economics and Finance; Political Economics; Applied Microeconometrics
Nielsen, Torben Heien 35323025 Associate professor Health Behaviors; Health and Mortality Inequalities; Retirement and Savings; Health Measurement; Health Care Suppliers
Wüst, Miriam 35321365 Associate professor Empirical Research on Children and Families; Health Economics; Applied Micro Econometrics; Family Economics
Ravn, Søren Hove 35334989 Associate professor Macroeconomics; Monetary and Fiscal Policy; Interactions between Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy; Macroeconometrics; Macroeconomic Modeling
Bergman, Michael 35323003 Associate professor European, Danish and Swedish Economic Policy; Fiscal Frameworks; Foreign Exchange Rates; Business Cycles; Monetary Unions
Selaya, Pablo 35323040 Associate professor Comparative Economic and Political Development; Long Term Growth; Political Economy; Institutional and Cultural Change
Harmon, Nikolaj Arpe 35323033 Associate professor Labor Markets; Jobs; Politicians; Public sector employees; Program evaluation
Pedersen, Rasmus Søndergaard 35323074 Associate professor Financial Econometrics; Time Series Econometrics; Econometric Theory; Heavy-Tailed Time Series; Models for Time-Varying Volatility
Piovesan, Marco 35336872 Associate professor Behavioral economics; experimental economics; experiments with children; dishonesty and group decision making
Jones, Edward Samuel 35323038 Associate professor Development Economics; Education; Labour Markets; Applied Macroeconomics; Sub-Saharan Africa
Lagerlöf, Johan 35323013 Associate professor Applied Theory; Industrial Organization; Political Economy; Microeconomics
Hansen, Casper Worm 35336978 Associate professor Mortality; Life Expectancy; Demographic Changes; Long-run Economic Growth; Macroeconomics of Development
Sebald, Alexander Christopher 35324418 Associate professor Behavioral Economics; Psychological Game Theory; Experimental Economics; Contract Theory
Gonzalez Eiras, Martin 35324404 Associate professor Macroeconomics; Public Finance; Political Economy; Finance
Gensowski, Miriam 35323036 Associate professor Economics of Education; Drivers of Inequality; Cognitive and Socio-emotional Skills; Intergenerational Mobility; Occupational Choice; Labor Economics
Vikander, Nick 35323034 60289617 Associate professor Industrial Organization; Informational Economics; Organizational Economics; Behavioral Economics
Piatek, Rémi 35323035 Associate professor Bayesian Econometrics; Factor Analysis; Mixture Models; Computational Econometrics; Human Capital Formation
Altmann, Steffen Associate professor Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Organizational Economics, Labor Economics, Public Policy, Nudges, Default Options
Ullrich, Hannes 35337659 Associate professor Empirical Industrial Organization, Health Economics, Personnel Economics, Discrete Choice
Traberg, Jeppe (external) 35323230 28122866 Associate professor emeritus Emeritus
Gunnarsson, Jan Sture Gunnar (external) 35323026 Associate professor emeritus Emeritus    
Hansen, Hans Oluf (external) 35323261 Associate professor emeritus Emeritus
Groth, Christian (external) 35323028 Associate professor emeritus Emeritus
Mortensen, Jørgen Birk (external) 35323088 31554219 Associate professor emeritus Emeritus    
Nielsen, Peter Erling (external) 35323008 51341835 Associate professor emeritus Emeritus
Hansen, Christel Brink 35323017 Senior clerk -    
Andersen, Lars Harhoff 35324008 PhD student Economic history, political economics, economics of religion, economics of culture, institutions    
Kless, Philipp Christian (external) Unknown PhD student Financial econometrics. econometric theory. GARCH.Bootstrap for financial and economic time series
Weissert, Christoffer Jessen 35321598 PhD student Macroeconomics, fiscal and monetary policy, IRF estimation by SVAR and local linear projections, structural identification
Fuglsang, Malene Callesøe 35335548 PhD student Applied Microeconometrics, Structural Estimation, Inequality, Economic of Education, labor Economics
Leisner, Jonathan 35335006 PhD student International Trade; Environmental Economics; Microeconometrics; Industrial Regulation; Applied Microeconomics
Jørgensen, Pernille Plato 35336817 PhD student Automation; Globalization; International Trade; Labor Economics; Health Outcomes; Applied Microeconometrics; Register Data    
Larsen, Kristian Urup Olesen Unknown PhD student Applied Microeconometrics; Labor Economics; Health, Inequality, Machine Learning    
Nielsen, August Emil Twile 35336216 PhD student Environmental, Natural Resource and Climate Economics; International Trade; Microeconometrics; Pollution Regulation; Environmental Policy; Political Economics
Züllig, Gabriel 35330636 PhD student Macroeconomics, macroeconometrics, financial frictions, macro-labor, heterogeneity
Zink, Edith PhD student -
Zhao, Zeyu PhD student Corporate Finance and Applied Econometrics
Sæverud, Johan 35335187 PhD fellow Applied micro, structural models, labor, retirement, savings
Glavind, Kristoffer Pade 35336934 61458300 PhD fellow Social data science, machine learning, big data, econometrics
Mogensen, Patrick Kofod 35337573 PhD fellow Dynamic programming, dynamic stochastic games, structural estimation, econometrics software, microeconometrics, computational econometrics
Eskildsen, Janek Bligaard 35364647 PhD fellow Resource, environmental, and climate economics, energy economics, transport economics, computational general equilibrium models
Jørgensen, Mia Renee Herløv 35333410 PhD fellow Inequality, applied microeconometrics, public economics, marcro economics
Nielsen, Nikolaj 35328149 PhD fellow Microeconometrics, dynamic programming, economics of education, discrete choice econometrics, demand estimation
Hirani, Jonas Lau-Jensen 35325316 PhD fellow Universal child policies, early childhood investments, health economics, family economics, applied microeconometrics
Meyer, Bjørn Bjørnsson PhD fellow Labor Economics; economics of education; tertiary education; applied microeconometrics; policy evaluation
Iversen, Anna Kollerup 35335367 PhD fellow Health economics, applied microeconometrics, policy evaluation
Cavalca, Petra Gram 35334539 PhD fellow Foster care; labour economics; economics of education; family economics; applied microeconometrics
Chrisander, Emil 35326714 PhD fellow Social data science; applied machine learning; educational economics;data mining; data mining    
Partsch, Emil Holst 35325610 PhD fellow Hetereogeneous agent macroeconomic models; financial frictions; continuous and discrete time computational methods; Consumption-saving behavior
Kristiansen, Ida Lykke 35337596 PhD fellow Health economics, family economics, child development inequality, applied microeconometrics
Holm, Mathilde Lund 35330153 PhD fellow Family Economics, Applied Microeconometrics, Policy Evaluation    
Hvidberg, Kristoffer Balle 35330922 PhD fellow Applied microeconometrics; education; economic and financial behavior; inequality
Rasmussen, Mette 35332644 PhD fellow Labor economics; behavioral economics; public economics    
Berg, Rasmus Kehlet 35334647 PhD fellow Environmental- og Climate Economics,Political Economy
Hansen, Emil Toft 35324085 PhD fellow Household finance, payday lending, household debt behavior, geographical consumption patterns, financial wealth & consumption
Hasager, Linea 35334597 PhD fellow Immigration; labor economics; integration of refugees; applied microeconometrics; register data
Hetland, Simon Lund Unknown PhD fellow Financial econometrics, time series analysis and econometric theory, term structure modeling, volatility modeling, cointegration analysis
Andersen, Esben Scriver Unknown PhD fellow Structural estimation, discrete choices and generalized entropy models (GEM)    
Garcia Miralles, Esteban 35334299 PhD fellow Applied microeconometrics, health economics, public economics
Rasmussen, Joachim Kahr 35336209 PhD fellow Labour economis; Inequality. applied microeconometrics    
Zille, Helge 35327802 PhD fellow International trade, development economics, violent conflicts, international politics
Busch, Martin Benedikt 35326816 PhD fellow Behavioral economics, experimental economics, network theory, network experiments
Berkel, Hanna Mareen PhD fellow Development Economics, Mozambique, Firms, Climate Change, Natural Disasters
Minor, Kelton Ray 28993836 PhD fellow Climate Change, Impacts, Adaptation, Technology, Behavior    
Chevrot, Esther 42342634 PhD fellow Applied Microeconometrics, Organizational Economics, Labour Economics, Economics of Culture, Behaviour
Thöni, Patrick PhD fellow Finance, Financial Microstructure, Asset Allocation, Asset Pricing, Microeconometrics
Betancourt Hurtado, Maria Alejandra 35337396 PhD fellow Applied microeconomics, firm organization, corporate governance, organizational economics
Ribers, Michael Allan 35335350 Postdoc Health Economics; Dynamic Discrete Choice; Structural Microeconometrics    
Søgaard, Jakob Egholt 35326541 Postdoc Public Finance, Labor Economics, Applied Microeconometrics, Inequality
Willadsen, Helene 35335023 Postdoc Behavioral economics, experimental economics, children og economics
Rosenbaum, Philip 35327302 Postdoc Applied microeconomics, household economics, gender inequality, corporate governance    
Rasmussen, Gregers Nytoft 35323870 Postdoc Individual-Level Financial Behavior; Experimental Economics; Behavioral Economics; Eliciting Economic Preferences
Hauschultz, Frederik Plum Unknown Postdoc Structural Microeconometrics; Auctions; Industrial Organization; Health Economics
Serena, Benjamin Ly 35334757 26999020 Postdoc Health Economics, Public Economics, Mental Health, Inequality in Life Expectancy, Applied Microeconometrics
Hansen, Maria Juul 35328387 Postdoc Structural microeconometrics, dynamis programmering, urban economics, location choice, labour economics
Buus, Magnus Tolum 35330638 Postdoc International Trade; Empirical Industrial Organization; Applied Microeconometrics; Information Frictions; Firm Dynamics; Production Networks
Jakobsen, Katrine Marie Tofthøj Postdoc -
Arnarson, Björn Thor 35333620 +46 733314065 Postdoc International Trade; Labour Economics; Öresund Region; Globalization; Trade Policy
Sheridan, Adam 35331422 Postdoc Banking; Household Finance; Social networks; Applied microeconomics
Matveenko, Andrei 35321162 Postdoc information Economics, Rational Inattention, Discrete Choice, Generalized Entropy Models, Bounded Rationality
Lee, Young Jun 35330555 Postdoc Econometrics; 2. Semiparametric and Nonparametric Methods; Optimal Transport; Applied Microeconometrics; Financial Econometrics
Settele, Sonja 35332172 52116758 Postdoc Health Economics, Inequality, Beliefs, Applied microeconometrics, experimental economics
Shupe, Cortnie Anne 35326539 Postdoc Labor Economics; Public Economcs; Health Economics; Policy Evaluation; Applied Microeconometrics
Zaccagni, Sarah 35337860 Postdoc Health Economics; Economics of Education; Applied Microeconomics; Behavioral Interventions; Healthy Aging
Ejrnæs, Mette 35323062 Professor Applied Micro Econometrics; Income/earnings Processes; Consumption; Foster Care and Unemployment Insurance
Sørensen, Peter Norman 35323056 Professor Asymmetric Information in Finance and Economics; Herding Behavior; Prediction Markets; Microstructure of Financial Markets
Lassen, David Dreyer 35324412 Professor Political Economics; Social Data Science; Fiscal Governance; Attitude Formation; Inequality
Kreiner, Claus Thustrup 35323020 Professor Public Finance, Public Policy, Inequality, Labor Supply, Consumption Behavior
Rahbek, Anders 35324031 Professor Financial Econometrics; Econometric Time Series Analysis; Bootstrap; GARCH and Volatility Modeling; Co-integration Analysis
Dalgaard, Carl-Johan Lars 35324407 Professor Economic Growth; Development; Macroeconomics
Tarp, Finn 35323041 93509161 Professor Development Economics; Poverty; Income Distribution and Growth; Micro- and Macroeconomic Policy and Modeling
Fosgerau, Mogens 35334272 Professor Economics of Transportation; Congestion; Information and Entropy; Discrete Choice Econometrics
Leth-Petersen, Søren 35323084 Professor Applied Economics; Individual Level Financial Behaviour; Consumption; Savings; Labor Supply
Hansen, Henrik 35324405 Professor Applied Econometrics; Development Economics; Development Aid; Impact Evaluation; Vietnam
Bennedsen, Morten 35334278 Professor Ownermanaged Firms, Family Business and Corporate Governance;Applied Microeconomics
Jensen, Henrik 35323043 Professor Macroeconomics; Monetary Policy; Monetary Union
Browning, Martin 35333089 +44 7447673966 Professor Applied Microeconometrics; Economics of the Family; Saving and Consumption.    
Sørensen, Peter Birch 35323015 Professor Environmental Economics; Economics of Climate Change; Economics of Natural Resources, Public Economics, Macroeconomics
Whitta-Jacobsen, Hans Jørgen 35323030 Professor Macroeconomics; Public Economics; Environmental Regulation; Growth and Income Distribution
Munch, Jakob Roland 35323019 Professor Globalization; International Trade; Labor Economics; Migration; Emerging Markets
Tyran, Jean-Robert Karl 35323027 Professor Behavioral Economics; Experimental Economics
Johannesen, Niels 35324415 Professor with special responsibilities Tax Policy; Tax Havens; Tax Evasion; International Taxation; Financial Crisis
Nielsen, Heino Bohn 35323253 Professor with special responsibilities Econometric Time Series Analysis; Macro-Econometrics; Co-Integration; Financial Econometrics; Volatility Modeling; Bootstrap Methods
Rand, John 35336865 Professor with special responsibilities Development Economics; Applied Econometrics; Impact Evaluation; Firm-Level Analysis and Industrial Policy; Cross-Disciplinary Methods
Schjerning, Bertel 35323065 Professor with special responsibilities Dynamic Discrete Choice Models; Dynamic Equilibrium Models; Dynamic Games with Multiple Equilibria; Computational Methods; Structural Estimation
Santoro, Emiliano 35323032 Professor with special responsibilities Monetary Policy; Financial Frictions; Macroeconomic Asymmetries; Multi-Sector Economies; Expectations
Keiding, Hans (external) Unknown Professor emeritus
Johansen, Søren (external) 35323071 Professor emeritus -
Juselius, Katarina (external) 35323068 Professor emeritus
Thygesen, Niels Christoffer (external) 35323006 29270020 Professor emeritus. -    
Hjorth-Andersen, Christian (external) 35323072 26823137 Professor emeritus. Cultural economics; sports economics
Bøll, Jane Bilberg Lykke 35331723 Senior adviser -
Bang, Pernille 35337295 Senior adviser -
Birch, Pernille Unknown Student -    
Bröker, Janina Unknown Student -    
Hansen, Emma Hedvig Pind Unknown Student -    
Tjensvoll, Karl Wilhelm Unknown 42609282 Student -    
Baagøe, Emilie Katrine Unknown Student -    
Olufsen, Isabel Skak 35325322 Student -
Ørberg, Magnus 35335331 Student -
O'Neill, Kellie Sue 35335331 Student -    
Bîrgovan, Bogdan-Gabriel Unknown Student -    
Mellen, Zoë Louise Schack 35322874 Student -
Mikkelsen, Mai Østergaard Unknown Student -
Wopereis, Natalie Gertrud Brigitta Unknown Student -    
Elhaj, Iman Maja 35334564 28593323 Student -    
Nielsen, Mads Anker 35321296 Student -
Noe, Thor Donsby 35324882 Student -    
Wolf, Jonas Fosaa Unknown Student -    
Winther, Stinna Ødgaard Unknown Student -
Hoeck, Christian Philip Unknown Student -    
Holm, Christian Pærregaard Unknown Student -    
Dammeyer, Rasmus Hummeluhr Unknown Student -    
Lilholm, Iben Unknown Student -    
Jensen, Philip Harboesgaard 35331121 Student -    
Jacobsen, Amalie-Maria Unknown Student -
Christensen, Cecilie 35331685 51926113 Student -    
Øhlenschlæger, Christoffer Kinttof Unknown Student -    
Christensen, Asker Nygaard Unknown Student -
Pedersen, Marcus Piil Unknown Student -
Thorsen, Sigurd Nellemann Unknown Student -    
Rattenborg, Malte Jacob Unknown Student -
Mahlstedt, Robert 35337922 Labor Economics; Behavioral Economics; Public Policy Evaluation; Applied Microeconometrics; Job Search and Unemployment
Druedahl, Jeppe 35324425 Assistant professor, tenure track Macroeconomic Questions; Models with Uncertainty and Heterogeneity; Micro-level Data; Computational Methods
Sørensen, Jesper Riis-Vestergaard 35334259 Assistant professor, tenure track Cross-Sectional as well as Panel Data Econometrics, Semiparametric and High-Dimensional Estimation,Nonparametric Identification, Specification Tests for Semiparametric Models, Generalized Entropy Models, Discrete Choice Models
Munk-Nielsen, Anders 35324426 Assistant professor, tenure track Empirical Industrial Organization; Structural Microeconometrics; Health Economics; Discrete Choice; Transportation Economics
Trifkovic, Neda 35333642 Assistant professor, tenure track Development Economics, Agricultural Economics, Food Policy, Food Standards, Global Value Chains, Contract Farming, Labor
Gravert, Christina 35334782 Assistant professor, tenure track Behavioral Economics; Experimental Economics; Public Policy; Nudging; Incentives and Behavior Change
Falco, Paolo 35334817 Assistant professor, tenure track Labour Economics; Randomised Controlled Trials; Development; Experimental and Behavioural Economics    
Starkov, Egor 35327002 Assistant professor, tenure track Applied Theory, Information Economics, Industrial Organization, Behavioral Economics
Wohlfart, Johannes 35332061 Assistant professor, tenure track Household Finance, Behavioral Economics, Beliefs and Expectations, Applied Microeconometrics, Experimental Economics
Cairo, Sofie 35333967 Research assistant Labor Economics; behavioral economics; applied microeconometrics; macroeconomics; fiscal policy
Døssing, Felix Sebastian Unknown Research assistant Behavioral Economics, Experiments, Paternalism, Charity, Political Preferences.
Lyngse, Frederik Plesner 35337412 Research assistant Empirical health economics; patient adherence; Danish ministry of health; register data; applied microeconomics
Campos-Mercade, Pol 35335954 Research assistant -
Yding, Anders 35327295 Research assistant Applied microeconomics, management practices, family firms, owner-managed firms, incentives    
Kreuder, Janis Unknown Research assistant Refugee Integration; Policy Evaluation; Migration; Labour Economics; Applied Microeconometrics    
Jang, Jihye 35331142 Research assistant Research Assistant    
Huang, Shan Unknown +49 176 432 90 106 Research assistant Health Economics; Applied Microeconometrics; Discrete Choice; Behavioral Economics; Empirical Industrial Organization    
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