Research and Innovation Office

Name Phone Mobile Job Description
Axbøg, Tilla Sara 35335998 PhD administrator -
Berntsen, Anders 35334977 23649420 Academic administrative officer PhD Administration, Enrolment, projects
Bishnoi, Shahana (external) Unknown -    
Christensen, Pernille Hedegaard 35334854 Academic Officer -
Christoffersen, Sanne Louise 35327380 23649632 Senior adviser Support to Researchers:EU, Marie Curie IF. International VIP recruitment
D'Altri, Teresa Senior adviser -    
Dabelsteen, Mia 35334025 Senior adviser -
Damsgaard, Danny 35331097 Academic administrative officer -    
Diedrich, Steen 35331309 Academic administrative officer Graduate School finances
Dinesen, Anders (external) Unknown -    
Ejstrup, Jenny Marie Bjerre (external) -    
Evald, Merete 35333783 51207631 Mobility Consultant -
Finnie, Christine 35331958 Senior adviser -
Friis, Sif Julie (external) Unknown -    
Frøding, Rune 35326783 29619095 Academic administrative officer PhD Administration: Enrolment (requirements, application form, application guidelines etc.) Other tasks: Secretary for the faculty PhD Study Board, PhD scholarships and Part-time lecturers    
Garred, Peter 35457637 26806606 -
Hacohen, Liron (external) Unknown -    
Hansen, Cecilie Ydemann 35324034 29853287 Head of section -
Hansen, Connie Foss 35333617 PhD administrator PhD courses (course catalogue, credit transfer, enrolments, exmatriculation, budget etc.), Travel reimbursements
Heggelund, Laura Roverskov 35326360 Academic Officer -    
Holte, Christopher (external) Unknown -    
Jakobsen, Nikoline Bernstorff 35335531 Academic Officer -    
Jensen, Christian Møller Unknown Hourly paid student -
Juul, Amalie 35324160 Hourly paid student -
Jørgensen, Vibeke Moldt 35326391 21126747 Head of section Deputy Head at the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences
Kruse  , Larissa (external) Unknown -    
Kugelberg, Elisabeth 35331898 Senior adviser -
Kyrrestad, Ingelin (external) Unknown -    
Lewis, Tina 35326395 30589241 Chief Administrative Officer Head of Research and Innovation Office, Chief Administrative Officer
Lund, Philip Mark (external) Unknown -    
Lund, Ulrikke 35328275 PhD administrator Phd administration: administration of regular assessments, stays abroad etc. (On maternity leave until 2020)    
Lundsager, Dorte Hørlück 35327085 23648806 Academic Officer -
Menshed, Nora Nina 35332149 Mobility Consultant -    
Modvig, Johanne Louise 35332334 Student -
Munch, Marie-Louise 35326398 23649253 Senior adviser Evaluation and quality development, Graduate Programmes, PhD Coordinators and Management information
Nielsen, Asta Gjørup 35335024 Academic Officer -    
Nielsen, Jeppe Achton (external) Unknown -    
Nielsen, Mette Abildgaard 35326531 23649363 Academic administrative officer Academic Officer
Nielsen, Nanna Louise (external) Unknown -    
Noddeland, Heidi Kyung (external) Unknown -
Ong, Sui Ching (external) Unknown -    
Pedersen, Fie Juul 35320553 Mobility Consultant -    
Petersen, Vibeke 35332333 Mobility Consultant -
Rathje, Mette 35327521 Senior adviser -
Rolsted, Kamilla 35328868 Senior Executive Consultant Senior Business Unit Manager    
Satriano, Letizia 35337896 Research consultant -    
Simo Vicens, Rafel 35332427 71501930 Academic Officer Project Unit manager
Skaanning, Mads Koch (external) Unknown -    
Smidt, Jakob Melgaard (external) Unknown -    
Storm, Nadia Jin Senior adviser -
Stulz, Rouven (external) Unknown -    
Szafranska, Karolina (external) Unknown -    
Søreng, Hege 35337825 Senior advisor PhD Administration: Concluding the PhD (thesis, assessment committee, defence etc.) and PhD courses: Organising and financing PhD courses.
Thomsen, Signe Bruun 35331265 93565882 Academic Officer -    
Ugelvig, Line Vej 35332187 93509647 Senior adviser -
Zulfovski, Sibel 35337753 Student -